Have Your Set Your 2017 Goals Yet?

With the new year being just a few weeks away, this is the perfect time to set your goals, intentions, and dreams for 2017. Doing this will automatically set you up for a successful year. 06332-goals

Goal setting is an important way to:

  • Decide what you want to achieve in your life.
  • Separate what’s important from what’s irrelevant, or a distraction.
  • Motivate yourself.
  • Build your self-confidence, based on achievement of your goals.

Do you feel like you just don’t have time to set and maintain goals?

We all have busy lives and daily obligations that can prevent us from keeping our minds set on our goals. But that does not have to be the case. Make goal setting a priority by setting aside an hour so before the new year to write down your goals. When you write down your goals, they take on a life of their own. The written word is so much more powerful than keeping it as a thought because thoughts come and go. Writing down your goals makes them more concrete and real. Studies show that goals are more likely to be achieved when you put them in writing

Ask yourself the following questions as a guide as you prepare your list of goals for 2017.

What do you want to accomplish?
What do you want to experience?
What do you want to acquire?
Who do you want to be?

  • Write down your goal
  • Write down the date that you want to accomplish the goal by
  • write down 3 action steps that will move you toward achieving your goal.

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Happy Goal Setting!

Empowering You To Live a Life of Passion, Purpose, Potential, and Peace.


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